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Overview - Installation and Minimum Settings to Make FragTracker Work.

These instructions assume you are using the default Joomla administration template.

  1. From the administration menu of your Joomla site, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager.
  2. Now browse your computer for, and click the "Open" on your computer's dialogue window.
  3. Click the blue "Upload and Install" button, and let it install.
  4. From the administration menu, go to Extensions -> Module Manager, and click on the "mod_fragtrack" entry.
  5. Give your module a Title, and assign it to the Position you want it in.
  6. Now, all you have to configure to make it work is click the "Options" tab and tell FragTracker how many gameservers you have in the "Basic Options" area, then fill in the Server IP and Port for each in the "Server IP and Port" tabs towards the bottom.
  7. Press the Green "Save" button, and Done!

Basic Options

Basic Options

  1. Number of Game Servers - How many servers do you want to display stats for? You are limited to twelve per module, but if you want you can place multiple modules on a page.
  2. Show the Map - this turns the map graphic on or off.
  3. Height Players Field - This is the height of the area that displays players currently on the server.
  4. Show the Current Players - Shows the players on the server. Adjust the "Height of the Current Players Field" to show more or fewer players.
  5. Show the Leading Players - This is the area towards the bottom that shows the server's all time best players.
  6. Show Blogs - Turn the blogs on or off.

Global Styling

Global Styling

  1. Total Height - Sets the total height for the server displays.
  2. Total Width - Sets the total width for the server displays.
  3. General Background Color - This sets the color for the "frame" of the server display.
  4. Inset Background Color - Sets the color for the areas that show the current players, leading players, server name, and blog area.
  5. Border Color - Sets the color of the border around an the individual servers' displays.
  6. Font Color - Sets the color of the general usage font.
  7. Set Border Radius - enter a number of pixels here, to round the corners of the server displays.
  8. Title Color - Sets the color of the server titles at the top of the server displays.
  9. Border Link Color - Sets the color for the links at the top and bottom of the server displays.
  10. Top Margins, Right Margins, Bottom Margins, Left Margins - Use this to create some space around the individual server displays.
  11. Custom CSS - This an area to allow advanced styling, where you can style items of your choice. Each server display is output with a different id - "frag_container_*some number*" .  Some things must be styled from within your website's template due to core GameTracker code - most importantly, the font styles must be changed there.  Contact Support for additional assistance (there may a charge for the service.)

Drop Shadows

Drop Shadows

  1. Horizontal Length - This sets the offset from the left edge - set it to zero for equal shadows on left and right sides.
  2. Vertical Length - This sets the offset from the top edge - set it to zero for equal shadows on top and bottom.
  3. Blur Radius - This sets the blur distance.
  4. Spread - This sets the size of the shadow.
  5. Shadow Color - This determines the color of the shadow, expressed in RGB format.  0,0,0 is black; 255,255,255 is white; 125,125,125 is a grey.
  6. Opacity - This determines how transparent the shadow is; it varies from 0.0 to 1, with 1 being solid and decimals creating a translucent effect. 0 would be absolutely clear.

Server IP and Server Port

Server IP Port

The Server IP and Port settings are the real meat of FragTracker.  After setting the "Number of Gameservers" option in the Basic Options area, you then enter the server IPs and Port numbers for your servers.


Read the FragTracker Usage License.

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